Can a Baby Lawyer Help My Child with Erb’s Palsy?

Can a Baby Lawyer Help My Child with Erb's Palsy

Erb’s Palsy, also known as Brachial Palsy, usually takes place during a difficult labor and delivery, and is caused by trauma to the infant’s shoulder. Since the condition is preventable, many parents do not find out about it from their physicians since admitting to the mistake may make them liable for medical malpractice. A specialized baby lawyer can review the pertinent medical and hospital records and let you know if you and your child may be entitled to damages. Here are some important points to consider: click here for further details.

Erb’s Palsy takes place during problematic labor and delivery

Your physician has the ability to estimate the baby’s size from several sources. He can take a sonogram to measure the weight, review mother’s prior history of delivering large babies and account for the woman’s significant weight gain during pregnancy. Since it takes place when the baby’s shoulder becomes stuck during the delivery, often due to baby’s large size, deciding to do a C-section is often the way to avoid Brachial Palsy. Otherwise the health care professional runs the risk of being unable to extract the rest of the baby after the head comes out, causing them to panic and perform unsafe maneuvers of stretching the baby’s head, leading to severe shoulder trauma. Erb’s palsy attorneys are experienced in recognizing, by reading the hospital records, if the brachial plexus was unreasonably stretched leading to Erb’s Palsy. for further details, visit :

Can a Baby Lawyer Help My Child with Erb's Palsy

How severe is this condition?

Erb’s Palsy can manifest in a variety of way; paralysis of shoulder, being unable to feel the shoulder (or numbness), being unable to bear weight to the shoulder and even stunted growth of the infant’s arm and hand. Children affected by this condition require often lifelong physical and rehabilitative therapy, additional surgeries and psychological counseling to deal with the emotional effects of Erb’s Palsy. Many families struggle to pay for the child’s long-term medical needs and should consult with a specialized baby lawyer to see if the damages for pain and suffering, loss of future earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life and medical bills could be recovered.

Is Erb’s Palsy caused by malpractice?

Physicians and nurses are trained in being able to manipulate the baby to safely release the shoulder and allow the rest of the baby to be delivered. However, in case of emergency, some obstetricians panic and pull at the baby’s head causing the brachial plexus to stretch – leading to the shoulder dystocia. The excessive pulling results in nerve damage that can range from bruising to a complete tear from the spinal canal in severity. The issue is that it could have been avoided if the physician a) stayed calmed and performed the prescribed maneuvers to safely deliver the baby or b) taken the fetus’s size into account and preceded with a C-section as opposed to vaginal delivery. The doctor’s preventable mistake may give rise to medical malpractice, and a specialized baby lawyer is in the best position to thoroughly evaluate the circumstances surrounding each case and decide if there is a viable cause of action against the obstetrician.