How bad medical practices could be responsible for cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects the person’s movement and body co-ordination throughout their life. This is caused by abnormal development or brain damage whilst a child’s brain is still developing, either during pregnancy, during labor or after the baby is born. A small percentage of causes of cerebral palsy can be accountable by bad medical practices. We tell you what to look out for and how you should take action, including submitting a cerebral palsy claim and calling birth injury lawyers.

During labor

Medical negligence or malpractice leading to cerebral palsy can occur when the baby is not delivered correctly. This can be seen if indications of stress are present. This may also be a lack of oxygen for the baby when they are delivered.

After labor

Other bad medical practices leading to cerebral palsy can be a failure to correctly diagnose jaundice after 2 weeks. It is usually a harmless proliferation of yellow on the skin and eyes that the baby’s body will naturally remove when their liver is more developed. Other malpractices that lead to cerebral palsy can be failure to diagnose and treat meningitis and low blood sugar (also known as hypoglycaemia)

What to do if you think your baby is showing signs of cerebral palsy

If you think your baby is showing signs of cerebral palsy, you should find a baby lawyer or cerebral palsy solicitor who can give you more advice. They usually have a medical background so can better ascertain whether your baby does have cerebral palsy due to medical malpractices. The cerebral palsy lawyer can then tell you in detail what your next steps should be including putting in a cerebral palsy claim. The medical lawyer will also have an understanding as to how this will affect your family life looking after a disabled child so can direct you to the best resources for coping.

How to submit a cerebral palsy claim?

Since there is no time restriction for nearly all sufferers (time limit is at least up to the person’s 21st birthday), there is time to seek the best cerebral palsy lawyer and ask them to give you legal advice and through them put in a cerebral palsy claim. Often financial aid is available without having to resort to parental finances.

Often the cerebral palsy legal process for a claim to be submitted, acknowledged and then compensation to be given can take 10-18 months, from finding a cerebral palsy solicitor, seeking legal advice, then putting in a claim, to finding the medical records and ascertaining cerebral palsy was caused by medical malpractices.

The compensation can help deal with the hardships of caring for a person with a cerebral palsy condition, such as additional care, equipment, and alleviate some of the financial hardships.


Medical malpractices during and after childbirth like failure to check for medical conditions and not providing enough oxygen for the newborn can cause cerebral palsy. This causes a lack of body coordination that affects the person long-term. You can put in a cerebral palsy claim and claim compensation through a medical lawyer.

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